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All Shelly wants is human love. Shelly is blind and finds great confort in being held like a baby. Shelly likes to spend time outdoors with her caregiver close by. Shelly brails her way around and comes to the sound of your voice. Shelly eats on her own but loves to be fed by someone who cares for her. All Shelly wants is human love. Shelly is looking for her forever home, could it be yours? Donate now and support the work we do for kitties like Shelly.
Baby Loves to Play with Toy Mice

Baby was a sweet little kitty whose owner died. Baby found a wonderful foster home with the Flannery family. We just received this video update and a note from Dawn: "Baby acting like a kitten. We just discovered she loves to play with toy mice." Baby is 15 years old, but it is hard to take the kitten out of the cat! Go go senior cats! Incredibly sweet! Thank you for sharing Dawn.

We have many deserving Senior and Adult cats needing homes of their own. Could it be yours? Open your heart to an older animal looking for love. +Learn more
Spooktacular 2013!

A bit of video footage from the Naples Halloween Parade 2013. See the Big Cat Float!

A Journey Home or to Recovery

This is Sasha on Sunday morning (October 27, 2013). She is one of our Sanctuary cats. She came to us as a feral cat, a number of years ago. Like so many others, over time, she became tame.

On Friday morning she was sent home from the veterinary office to the Sanctuary to die peacefully with her friends. Her people and animal friends came to see her and let her know how much they love and honor her and the preciousness of life.

She has severe anemia and has had 3 blood transfusions in a month. The cause of her anemia continues to be undiagnosed. On Thursday night, when she had her third transfusion her blood pressure and temperature dropped to a level that is not consistent with life. Based on past cases, we developed a treatment plan Friday morning involving allopathic, Chinese, homeopathic medicine, reiki and love. Last night I fell asleep with her while giving her reiki. She purred and purred. She sucked it up like a sponge.

In our work, we never know if we are helping them on their journey home or recovery. We don't know the eventual outcome but today she has made her choice to enjoy life. It is the great mystery at work. Our work at Brigid's Crossing is about alleviating suffering. Healing the relationship between people, animals and the earth. Reaching out beyond the normal limits. Healing the Circle of Life™. We take every opportunity to learn and grow for the benefit of all. We have an amazing team of gifted and open minded veterinarians, caregivers, volunteers and donors who make our work possible. We are thankful for every opportunity to fulfill our mission. Thank you for your support!

Heather Burch
Founder and Director of Care
Brigid's Crossing Foundation

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Benjamin's first time playing the Game for Cats on the iPad. He is loving it!!

+Learn more about Benjamin and other adoptable cats needing homes of their own

You have found your Prince!

Prince found his forever home in 2013.

Superstar Pet of the Week: Georgia

Georgia is our superstar, adoptable pet of the week for March 26, 2013.

+Learn more about Georgia

Art from the Heart: Photo and Music Montage of the Brigid's Crossing Sanctuary Cats

Enjoy a little feast for the eyes, ears and soul. Video by Zawi. Photos by Lori Piper, Rosalen Moran, Jorge Leisey, and Zawi.

Punkin: "She just needed the sweetness of human love."

The story of a little miracle named Punkin. Thank you Punkin for reminding us this is a magical world. +Read Punkin's full story

Phoebe Wants to Eat!

A short video of a previous resident of Brigid's Crossing, Phoebe. From her new family: "Two years now she's been a member of our family. She's such a love." Congrats to Phoebe! How happy she now is...

Brigid's Crossing Kitties Celebrate Halloween 2012

Brigid's Crossing kitties celebrate the scary, the creepy and the spooky of Halloween.

A note on dressing up cats...
At Brigid's Crossing we do not advocate forcing an animal to wear clothes. Over the years we have found that some kitties enjoy wearing nice warm sweaters when it is cold and other kitties who don't do well with the litter box actually enjoy wearing kitty diapers (solves the problem for both of us). It is always interesting to see how some animals take pride in dressing up as humans do, although others must be respected for their disinterest and often deep dislike for such activities. The kitties who participated in this video picked their clothing or pumpkin and enjoyed wearing them. They have now joined the ranks of those kitties who love clothes and performing. We respect each cat as an individual, each with their own preference—just like people!

All the kitties in our video were rescued from kill shelters by Brigid's Crossing. All healthy, loveable, very adoptable and looking for their forever home. Please call us at (239) 591-8425 to meet these cuties in person!

Photos by Mila Bridger |
Video editing & twisting by Kimberley "Zawi" Borsa

What the Feral Cats have Taught Us
Heather Burch speaks to volunteers and guests at our Brigid's Crossing Volunteer Luncheon on April 25, 2012.

Best Friends: Wahoo and Torch (2010)

Walter Turken Award 2010

“We are called to treat them with kindness, not because they have rights or power or some claim to equality, but in a sense, because they don't...”

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