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Brigid's Crossing Articles

Brigid's Crossing Articles

Why We Need ‘Crazy’ Cat People
There’s a stigma our society has placed on cat people. You know who they are. They’re the ones with cat hair all over their clothing, who are just hoping to catch their cat doing something funny on film so they can make Fluffy Internet famous.  +Read more
Fireworks Frighten Pets
Many of us do not realize how scary the sound of fireworks are for animals. Around the fourth of July, our foundation receives numerous reports of lost animals, that we do not have at other times of the year. The sound causes panic in animals, and they will try to get away from the noise.  +Read more
Days (and Nights) at Brigid's Crossing
This weekend is like so many days and nights over many years. How is it that I never tire of it. I didn't say I didn't get tired—I do—in fact exhausted but I love helping these beautiful beings.  +Read more
Peg Goldberg-Longstreth is gone...
Her cats, some of them still considered wild, found themselves suddenly alone in the first house they had dared set paw in, and only because they trusted this cornstalk of a woman who fed them without demands for purring, nuzzling or lap time.  +Read more
The Dangers of String
Two year old tabby cat Kiki was left alone with food, water and litter. When her owners arrived home, they found vomit everywhere, by the time they brought her to the vet she was severely emaciated, dehydrated and anemic.  +Read more
Responsible Cat Ownership
Being a responsible pet owner is taking care of anything related to cat safety.  +Read more
Successful Cat Adoptions
When it rains it pours sometimes. Another one of our clients was an animal humanitarian had succumed to the ravages of brain cancer at the young age of 52.  +Read more

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