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Become a Foster Home

Become a Foster Home

Making a Difference for Special Needs Cats

Making a Difference for Special Needs Cats
We have a need for Foster Homes on a continuing basis for many cats, who for one reason or another, do not adjust well to living with many other cats. Or may need, due to health reasons, to be separated from the larger cat population.

Becoming a Foster means you temporarily take a cat into your home for a period of time. You become responsible for all the cat's needs, food, shelter, care, and play, while they are living with you. Foster homes without other cats are usually recommended. We also ask that we be able to bring prospective adopters to your home, to help us place the foster cat in a permanent living situation.

It's a lot to ask but the personal rewards for becoming a Foster are immeasurable and it makes such a difference in the quality of the cat's life. If you're interested in becoming a Foster home, please email or call (239) 594-2785.

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