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Hello, I am Gwen
Hi ó My name is Gwen and I am a story teller. Look into my eyes to hear my story and travel into my intense life history. I enjoy being close and I come by my confidence honestly.

I was rescued from a trailer park where shortly after kittenhood I was tossed aside to the outdoor world. There I lived for a while begging and sneaking around to get enough food to survive. It made me tough and I still don't trust other cats when they get close to me. I went through a lot out there on the streets. It wasn't an easy ride. But those early days of love and affection taught me to cherish the bond between cat and human. It marked my brain pathways with beauty and only after being left to fend for myself did it turn into a dream. I would search into the eyes of humans while I lived on the streets hoping to find the friendship and respect I had known before but with no luck. I lost hope but not the memories.

Here at Brigid's Crossing they have awakened my hope. I have never let the dream die. Someday I will find that special home to call my own and once again I will know the love and bonding powers of man and animal. Then I will have a new story to tell you with my eyes. It will be the greatest story yet, the story of Thanks.
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More Info
  • Prefers No Cats
  • Special Needs
Age Adult
Breed Domestic shorthaired
Color Tabby Gray
Sex Female
Size Medium
Type Special Needs
Tabby - Grey, Domestic Short Hair-Gray [Mix]
Gwen is up to date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered. Not good with cats.
Special Needs
Gwen doesn't trust other cats due to her past living on the streets.


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Please read through our page on the Adoption Process and give us a call... Gwen can't wait to meet you! Purrrrrr


Gwen is just one of our many special needs cats.

Would you consider sponsoring Gwen? If adoption is not an option for you, it's easy to "virtually adopt" by making a donation to support this cat or other special needs cats. Proceeds collected will go towards their food, medical care and shelter at Brigid's Crossing. Sound good? I want to sponsor Gwen!


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