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Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our point of view

Our point of view
Brigid's Crossing Foundation works to promote peace, harmony and well being with ourselves, the earth and its inhabitants. This is accomplished through creating a sanctuary whose buildings and grounds incorporate and reflect an awareness and respect for the earth and her resources, a place where animals and people come together with the environment to restore the awareness of our inter-relationship and people work together for mutual healing, understanding and respect.

Phase one of the project has focused on the rescue and care of homeless, sick and abandoned animals while teaching about the path of service and the ways in which it enhances life.

We draw from and incorporate many of the world's disciplines in the healing arts and philosophy enabling us to apply these alternative methods to the many issues facing the world today.

Through active participation in sanctuary activities the individuals interact with each other, the animals and the earth in a harmonious flow.

With educational programs regarding environmental issues and solutions we work to ensure responsible and aware relationships with ourselves, our family, our friends, our community, the natural world and the world at large.

We strive to research, study and record animal behavior with a focus on its contribution to the earth and the human race. We work to demonstrate, document and expand on the amazing healing that occurs in a meaningful relationship between a person and a companion animal.

Brigid's Crossing Foundation
PO Box 366955
Bonita Springs, FL 34136
Ph (239) 591-8425

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