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Our Forever Home

Help Us Find Our Forever Home

Help Us Find Our Forever Home
WE HAVE A DREAM of finding and building our very own forever home. With your help we can make it happen!

Over the years, Brigid's Crossing has been very fortunate to have some very generous friends who have shared their place with us. We are forever grateful and look forward to expanding from our humble beginnings to a larger venue. We have learned so much over the years and long to create a state-of-the art sanctuary incorporating all of our knowledge.

As a sanctuary of last resort, we serve the community by taking in many of the Unadoptables from Other animal welfare organizations. We have a dream of building a space that incorporates the knowledge we have gained over the years about our special needs progressive care residents. It would include a teaching/conference center, holistic veterinary clinic offering the best of integrative medicine and cutting edge technology. A mentor program to assist others establish facilities based on our model....

Our first phase of the quest is to find land, 20 to 40 acres.
Join us in our quest, we need your help. Giving money or property, or sending us leads on potential property are gratefully accepted.
Please visit our Donate page for methods of giving...

If you have a potential property or lead, please write us at or call (239) 591-8425.

Brigid's Crossing Foundation
PO Box 366955
Bonita Springs, FL 34136
Ph (239) 591-8425

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